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Eligibility of Chairman / Chairperson

Eligibility and Qualification of a Chairman / Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of Art & Cultural Trust of India

Who will be the Chairman / Chairperson of the Organizing Committee:

1. Trust will appoint the Chairman / Chairperson for the smooth function of the Cultural Programme for the organizing committee formed by the trust.

2. Who follow and maintain the dignity of the ideology of the trust.

3. Who devoted towards the Music, Art & Culture.

4. Who finalize sponsor for the fund collection at least two weeks before the programme.

5. Who work selflessly for the organizing committee.

6. Who give all kind of full support to the Organization.

7. Who takes responsibilities to finish the work on time.

8. If Chairman / Chairperson any time wants to resign they are free to do that with one month notice period.

9. If founder / trust any time feel that the Chairman / Chairperson is not maintaining the dignity of the ideology of the trust then they can have right to terminate the Chairman / Chairperson from their position.

10. The Chairman / Chairperson will not be on salary.