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The World School of Music, New Delhi India was established by Shri. Thakur Chakrapani Singh. The School provides music aspirants from around the world and India to come and learn music from famous artists, teachers and experts in the field of traditional Indian classical Music (Vocal, Instrumental,Dance) art & Crafts.

The major highlights of the World School of Music are as follows:

* Children as young as 2 years old to adults as old as 70 years old are learning music. One of the only school of music in the world where there is no age limit to follow your dreams.

* Guidance and training is imparted to the students by the legends of Indian music.

* Guru- shishya tradition is being followed.

* Boarding and Lodging is being provided at nominal rates for students of music coming from all over the World.

* Cultivating creativity and making the best of talents.

The genius in Sri Chakrapani Singh is reflected in his students who are emerging as versatile artists in the World of music. For example, Priyanshu Roy,one of the disciples at the World School of Music has been named the youngest guitarist for the Limca book of World records. Another disciple on Keyboard, Ksemya Mehra , a four year old girl who played 35 Indian classical ragas in one public show has been following the same path. The World School of Music is a haven for music lovers. We have students from IIT professors, doctors and engineers to young adults and children. The students of the World School of Music have ample opportunities for being with the great artists. Learning from them and playing with them on stage. The disciples feel more encouraged and gain a sense of achievement performing with the great masters.

For admission/enquiry please fill the form in the website. The decision of the management will be final for admission at the World School of Music.

* Chakrapaniís World School of Music Examinations under PKK Chandigarh are held annual/ Bi- annual for Vocal, Instrumental, Dance & Fine arts. The School is affiliated up to postgraduate level.

* The students get Sangeet Bhushan (Diploma) after Third year, Sangeet Visharad (Degree) after Fifth year and Sangeet Bhaskar (Post Graduate) after Seventh year.

* The Diploma or Degrees issued by them are fully recognized by the Government.

* On completion of Music, Dance & arts courses jobs can be secured.

Exam. Cunducted by TRINITY GUILDHALL LONDON for Western forms

The Pioneer Services of World School Of Music New Delhi INDIA

A) Events Management (Music, Dance & Arts)

B) Placement of Music &Dance Teachers& performers in India and Abroad as - Voice - Traditional Indian Classical Music (Hindustani Padhati), Light (Geet, Bhajans, Shabad, Ghazals )& Folk etc..

Instrumental Music (Indian & Western Style)- Kachhapi Veena, (Indian Classical Guitar),Western Nylon string guitar,Bass guitar,Keyboard,Piano, Sitar, Violin Sarod, Santoor, Sarangi Tabla, Drum,Pakhawaj etc.

Dance- Bharat Natyam, Odissi, Kathak, Folk, Modern & western forms.

C) Organizes Cultural Programme to all over world as per requirements.

D) Music Direction, Composing, and arranger for T.V., Serials, Documentaries, and Films as required.